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Counting Preamplifiers (Pulse output) comparison chart
TTL (the most common type of digital signal, most counters are TTL compatable)
F-100T, 50 MHz count rate Manual
F-100TD, F-100T with a digital threshold display Manual
MTS-100, F-100T with a high voltage bias and decoupling network Manual
Combo-100, F-100T with an integrated current to voltage amplifier
ECL (faster than TTL, but not as common)
F-100E, 100 MHz count rate
F-400PECL, 400 MHz count rate
Current to Voltage Amplifiers
PMT-4, 100 pA to 10 µA/V (switch selectable) Data sheet
PMT-5, 10 pA to 1 µA/V (switch selectable) Data sheet
PMT-5R, 1 pA to 1 µA/V (remote gain control) Data sheet
Combo-100, 100 pA to 10 µA/V, with integrated F-100T
          TDC series specifications
TDC-30, 20 MHz bandwidth, 2 µA/V Data sheet
TDC-50, 50 MHz bandwidth, 10 µA/V Data sheet
TDC-100, 100 MHz bandwidth, 100 µA/V Data sheet
DC-100, 100 MHz bandwidth, 1 mA/V, 20 dB voltage gain Data sheet
Other Amplifiers
OSP-1, Oscilloscope preamplifier, general purpose amplifier Data sheet, Manual
V-100-40dB is a voltage amplifier with 100X gain or 40dB. The bandwidth: DC to 100MHz.Data sheet
Ratemeters, Counters
CRA-100, 100 MHz/14 Bit count rate to voltage converter Data sheet
Power Supplies
Low Voltage
P-15D, ±15VDC dual low noise supply for ARI preamplifiers Data sheet
W-130PS, wall mount ±12VDC supply for ARI preamps Data sheet
High Voltage, Low Noise Data sheet
PMT-2000-2KN, 2 kV/2mA negative polarity
PMT-2000-2KP, 2 kV/2mA positive polarity
PMT-2000-3KN, 3 kV/1mA negative polarity
PMT-2000-3KP, 3 kV/1mA positive polarity
PMT-2000-5KN, 5 kV/0.5mA negative polarity
PMT-2000-5KP, 5 kV/0.5mA positive polarity
PMT-2000-7.5KN, 7.5 kV/0.25mA negative polarity
PMT-2000-7.5KP, 7.5 kV/0.25mA positive polarity
Complete modular light detection system for your PMT
Cable Selection Guide

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