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F-100T Pulse Preamplifier With TTL Output

Ari corp Typical pulse processing electronics consist of a linear preamplifier located as close to the PMT or Channeltron as possible, linear amplifier, and a single channel analyzer used as a noise discriminator. The F-100T combines all three units into one, eliminating many controls, dials, and cables at a reduced cost but higher reliability and performance. Each unit also has an externally accessible threshold setting for noise discrimination. The output pulse width may be extended to meet minimum pulse width requirements of a given rate meter.
Maximum Pulse Repetition Rate >50 MHz
Input Range 2 µA to 4 mA (100 µV to 200 mV)
Input Linear Range 2 µA to 160 µA (100 µV to 8 mV)
Input Charge Sensitivity <20 fC
Linear Section Transimpedance Gain 50 dB
Transimpedance 18 kΩ
Input Impedance 50 Ω
Noise Referred to Input <0.4 µA p-p (20 µV p-p)
Input Pulse Polarity Negative
Input Pulse Rise Time <2 to 3 ns
Input Overvoltage Protection Standard
Input Connector BNC
Threshold Adjustment Range 0 to 2 mV referred to input
Remote Threshold Input 0 to +1V (0 to 2 mV referred to input)
Pulse Pair Resolution <20 ns
Minimum Output Pulse Width 8 ns (Standard)
Maximum Output Pulse Width 1 µs
Output Impedance 50 Ω
Output Signal +5V (TTL)
Power and Signal Connector 9 pin mini D type
Second Output Signal BNC
Power Requirements ± 8VDC to ± 24VDC/50 mA
Physical Size 2.5"W; x 5"L x 1.1"H
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in US dollars
  Domestic International
F-100T $855.00 $1,068.00
Available options:
Linear amplifier output $80.00 $100.00
remote threshold control $102.00 $127.00
remote threshold monitor $70.00 $87.00

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