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PMT-2000 High Voltage Power Supply

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The lowest noise, high voltage power supply available. This power supply is essential for low noise, low background (with EMI/RFI line filter), and positive biasing.
Each voltage is available in either negative or positive polarity. The suffix at the end of the model number specifies the voltage and polarity.
For example the PMT-2000-2KN has an output voltage of 2kV with negative polarity
The RVP-9 remote control option allows the output voltage to be adjusted by a 0 to +9V voltage applied to a BNC connector on the back of the power supply. A switch on the back panel changes control from local to remote.


Output Voltage 2 kV 3 kV 5 kV 7.5 kV
Output Current 2 mA 1 mA 0.5 mA 0.25 mA
Output Noise p-p <100 µV <100 µV <300 µV <500 µV
Output Polarity Fixed Positive or Negative (Specify)
Output Connector SHV type standard
Line Regulation .0001% per 10% Line Change
Load Regulation .007% per 10% Load Change
Temperature Stability 100ppm/°C (0 - 49°C)
Option Remote Control (0 - 9VDC full scale)
Power Requirement 115VAC 0.25A or 220VAC 0.125A (specify)

Download the PMT-2000 data sheet as a PDF file.

Download the Remote Control data sheet as a PDF file.


in US dollars
  Domestic International
PMT-2000-2KN $1,180.00 $1,475.00
PMT-2000-2KP $1,180.00 $1,475.00
PMT-2000-3KN $1,350.00 $1,687.00
PMT-2000-3KP $1,350.00 $1,687.00
PMT-2000-5KN $1,430.00 $1,788.00
PMT-2000-5KP $1,430.00 $1,788.00
PMT-2000-7.5KN $1,770.00 $2,213.00
PMT-2000-7.5KP $1,770.00 $2,213.00
Available options:
RVP9 $45.00 $57.00

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