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COMBO-100 TTL Pulse Preamplifier and Current to Voltage Converter

     A combination of the F-100T pulse preamplifier and a low level D.C. current amplifier operating concurrently. The purpose is to use either channel depending on the application, or to extend the useful range of the F-100T by several decades by switching from pulse counting to D.C. current measurement. The Combo - 100 preamplifier amplifies minute pulses from photomultiplier tubes and electron multipliers to provide simultaneous pulse and D.C. outputs. The high level standard output signals are compatible with most rate meters, pulse counters, and X-Y recorders without any additional signal processing. The pulse preamplifier is the sensitive, popular F-100T type with a standard TTL output and a 50 MHz maximum pulse repetition rate.
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DC Current
Sensitivity 160µV 1V/100pA
Max. Repetition Rate 50 MHz  
Input Noise Level 10µV  
Pulse Pair Resolution 20ns  
Min. Output Pulse Width 10ns  
Output TTL DC Voltage
Input Range   100pA to 10µA
Frequency Response at 10µA   400 KHz
Output Range   0 to 2VDC
Output Impedance 50 ohm 100 ohm
Power Requirement +8VDC to +15VDC and -8VDC T0 -15VDC
Input Connector BNC (One connector for both preamplifiers)
Output Connector BNC and 9 pin Mini D 9 pin Mini D
Power Connector 9 pin Mini D 9 pin Mini D
Physical Size 2.5"W x 6"L X 2.8"H
Note: There is one 9 pin Mini D connector for the DC power, analog output, and second TTL output.


in US dollars
  Domestic International
Combo-100 $1,045.00 $1,306.00
Available options:
Linear amplifier output $80.00 $100.00
remote threshold control $102.00 $127.00
remote threshold monitor $70.00 $87.00

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