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10µVp-p Square Wave
OSP-1 On Oscilloscope
10µV square wave displayed on 5mV/div oscilloscope



The OSP-1 is an AC/DC Coupled Amplifier extending the sensitivity of any oscilloscope up to 1000×! Since the maximum sensitivity of most oscilloscopes is 10mV/division, the OSP-1 extends the sensitivity 1000× to 10μV/division!

The difference input and a low pass filter are absolutely essential features for design or troubleshooting of sensitive electronic circuits, potential ground loops, testing of sensors and noise measurement. The DC offset may be employed for a minute difference signal measurement in the presence of high common mode or DC offset voltages.

The unit may be used as a temporary, general purpose preamplifier for a variety of experiments or tests in physics, chemistry, biology or other sciences.

Amplifier Type AC/DC Coupled Amplifier
Gain 1×, 10×, 100×, 1000×
Input and DC Offset ±3.5VDC at 1× Gain
Bandwidth 1.5MHz at 1× Gain
Common Mode Rejection 90-100 dB Typical
Input Equivalent Noise <0.5μV RMS at DC -10Hz Bandwidth
Low Pass Filter Full Bandwidth, 10kHz, 1kHz, 100Hz, and 10Hz
Input Impedance 1MΩ each input
Input Probes Two Oscilloscope Probes [attenuated to 1× or 10×]
Input Overload Protection ±100Vmax
Output Overload Monitor 10 element LED Bar Graph
Power ±12VDC Wall Power Supply [50mA]
Output ±3V

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