PRM-100 Precision Ratemeter

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PRM-100 Precision Ratemeter

The Precision Rate Meter PRM - 100 is a data acquisition system based on the 70 MHz counter and crystal-controlled timer, with both digital and bar graph displays. The system includes a digital to analog conversion to drive a strip chart recorder or X-Y plotter. A response control provides an analog output for spectrum plotting at a variety of plotting rates.
The unit features an auto-range selector for "hands off" operation. This mode frees the user from having to adjust the front panel controls. The input accepts most standard pulse signals. The adjustable threshold allows the acceptance of low level pulses from 200mV up to 2.5V for a high noise rejection capability. Included are ECL complementary inputs for the highest count rate requirements. The complementary pair guarantees a high noise immunity at the highest count rates
The PRM-100 is compatable with all Advanced Research Instruments pulse preamplifiers. A 9 pin connector on the back panel provides power to the preamplifier and receives the signal from the preamplifier.

An optional computer interface turns the PRM - 100 into an automated data acquisition system compatible with most computers. With applications in Photon, Electron, or Ion counting, x-ray diffraction/fluorescence, depth profiling and data acquisition, the PRM - 100 is another quality instrument from ARI Corp.

Ari corp

The PRM - 100 has features that include:


Maximum Repetition Rate 70 MHz
Pulse Pair Resolution 10 nSec
Display Update Time Base .1 or 1 Second (Switch Selectable)
Computer Controlled Counter 40 bits
Maximum Count 1012
Time Base Range 4 µSec. to 2,147 Sec.
Numerical Display 8 Digit LED
Bar Graph Display 30 Element LED
TTL Input .2 to 2.5V Threshold Adjustment
ECL Input Differential
NIM Input Standard
Timer Inhibit Input
(Live Time Correction)
Analog Output Range 0 to 1V or 0 To 10V
Selectable by Internal Jumper
Analog Response 0, .01, .03, .1, .3, 1, 3, or 10Sec.
Switch Selectable
Optional Computer Interface PCI, RS-232, or Parallel (Requires an ISA Slot)
Power Requirement 120VAC 0.250A or 220VAC 0.125A
Specify Voltage When Ordering


in US dollars
  Computer Interface Domestic International
PRM-100 None $2,300.00 $2,875.00
PRM-100S RS-232 Serial $2,600.00 $3,250.00
PRM-100P Parallel
Requires ISA slot
$2,600.00 $3,250.00
PRM-100PCI PCI $2,800.00 $3,500.00

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