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DRX ISA Interface Board

DRA ISA Interface Board

     The DRX Interface is a general purpose digital plug-in board for IBM PC/XT or compatible computers with I/O connectors pin compatible with DEC's DRV 11 type interfaces. The board provides 16 bit data I/O, two control lines (CSR 0 and CSR 1), two status bits (Request A and Request B), two interrupt and interrupt enable controls. The purpose of the DRX-Interface is to replace older PDP-11 series computers with more advanced IBM PC's or compatibles without any additional hardware. The DRX board may be used for fast data transfer between PDP-11 and IBM PC computers. Since the IBM PC/XT has only an eight bit data bus, to transfer a 16 bit word in or out, it takes two instructions to complete the 16 bit data transfer. Two additional status bits monitor proper I/O connections (reversed connector or missing connection).
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The DRA interface works the same as the DRX but is made for a 16 bit ISA bus.


in US dollars
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DRX $250.00 $313.00
DRA $280.00 $350.00

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