D5K Dual High Voltage Power

Ari corp

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D5K Dual High Voltage Power

Dual low noise, high voltage power supply to provide bias for an electron multiplier and an accelerating voltage for the front end of the detector. The unit has independent bias and accelerating potential control/display.

Detector Voltage0 to +7.5KV (less accelerator voltage)
Accelerator Voltage0 to +5KV
Output Current0.5 mA
Output Noise p-p<500 µV
Output PolarityFixed Positive
Output ConnectorSHV type standard
Line Regulation.0001% per 10% Line Change
Load Regulation.007% per 10% Load Change
Temperature Stability100ppm/°C (0 - 49°C)
Power Requirement115VAC or 220VAC (specify), ¼A


in US dollars
  Domestic International
D5K $2,800.00 $3,500.00

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